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Atlantic Reclining Bathing System

The RR7-II Atlantic is designed for healthcare facilities looking for a more time efficient and labor-saving bathing solution.

The RR7-II Atlantic has a unique tilting function allowing residents with challenging conditions to recline in a contoured seat and quickly become immersed in warm water. At only 24 gallons to pre-fill the foot well, water usage and the associated costs are greatly reduced.

The sleek exterior design of the RR7-II Atlantic will give your bathing area the look of an upscale luxury spa. Caregivers will enjoy its ease of use and the improved quality of care they can provide the resident. Featuring a full range of standard and optional features, the RR7-II Atlantic is designed to enhance the bathing experience for the resident.

The Rane Bathing and Accessibility product line provides a unique combination of style, ease of use, comfort and low cost of ownership.



  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve with anti-scald protection that dispenses 15 gallons per minute for fast tub fill.
  • Built-in Disinfection System for disinfection of the bath’s external surfaces minimizes the risk of cross-infection.
  • Handheld Shower Wand for hair and upper body washing, which can be used at the same time the tub is filling.
  • Analog Thermometer for monitoring tub fill and shower wand temperatures.
  • Three Plumbing Configurations to choose from;  side, front or island configuration. The island configuration allows 360º unobstructed access for the caregiver, and with no visible hook-up hoses or cords.
  • Head Pillow with suctions cups for comfort and head support.
  • 3/4" Supply Lines constructed of stainless steel.
  • 24-hour Service Department.


Optional Features:

  • CleanRane™ Air Spa System with variable speeds that enhance the therapeutic and relaxing effects of bathing for the user.
  • Battery Back-up in case of power failures.
  • Auto-Fill is a time-saving feature that enables the caregiver to fill the tub to a pre-set level (24 gallons).


Product No.

RR7D - Atlantic Reclining Bathing System


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