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"I have chosen [the EZ Way] line for Preferred Care facilities because it is simply the best.  Compared to the other products I trialed alongside EZ Way, I found the product to be more sturdy, easier to use and easier to maneuver than other products, just basically a better product."

Susan LupPlace, RN - Dir. of Clinical Services
Preferred Care - Plano, TX


Transfer Mattress Sani-Liners - NEW!

Sani-Liners are available for the Transfer Mattress system and are available in both full and short lengths with widths ranging from 18" to 50". The Sani-Liners have an extended length/width feature to fully cover the Transfer Mattress when inflated and attach with non-ferrous snaps. They are designed specifically for enhanced infection control. Sani-Liners can quickly be removed and replaced to facilitate rapid turnaround between patients and are made of the same materials as the Transfer Mattress system:  a water-proof, vapor-permeable urethane inner coating, and a static check coating to prevent the buildup of static electricity. The patient surface is made of anti-microbial fabric, is easy to clean, is radiolucent, and is MRI and X-ray compatible.


Single-Patient Protective Sheets are also available and are a cost effective way to reduce the risk of cross contamination and infection.



Product No.

Full Length:

018SN Saniliner 18" Black, Nylon
018SL Saniliner 18" Black, Lectrolite
024SN Saniliner 24" Black, Nylon
024SL Saniliner 24" Black, Lectrolite
026SN Saniliner 26" Black, Nylon
026SL Saniliner 26" Black, Lectrolite
028SN Saniliner 28" Yellow, Nylon
028SL Saniliner 28" Yellow, Lectrolite
030SN Saniliner 30" Blue, Nylon
030SL Saniliner 30" Blue, Lectrolite
032SN Saniliner 32" Blue, Nylon
032SL Saniliner 32" Blue, Lectrolite
034SN Saniliner 34" Blue, Nylon
034SL Saniliner 34" Blue, Lectrolite
039SN Saniliner 39" Silver, Nylon
039SL Saniliner 39" Silver, Lectrolite
050SN Saniliner 50" Orange, Nylon
050SL Saniliner 50" Orange, Lectrolite


Short Length:

028SNSH Saniliner 28" Yellow, Nylon
028SLSH Saniliner 28" Yellow, Lectrolite
030SNSH Saniliner 30" Blue, Nylon
030SLSH Saniliner 30" Blue, Lectrolite
032SNSH Saniliner 32" Blue, Nylon
032SLSH Saniliner 32" Blue, Lectrolite
034SNSH Saniliner 34" Blue, Nylon
034SLSH Saniliner 34" Blue, Lectrolite
039SNSH Saniliner 39" Silver, Nylon
039SLSH Saniliner 39" Silver, Lectrolite
050SNSH Saniliner 50" Orange, Nylon
050SLSH Saniliner 50" Orange, Lectrolite


Single Patient Protective Sheets, Full Length:

DL100 Large 34" Single-Patient Protective Sheet

DB100 Bariatric 46" Single-Patient Protective Sheet

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Accessory Image Transfer Mattress, Single-Patient - NEW!
Air assist technology for lateral transfers. Single-Patient use. Full and Short Lengths.
Accessory Image Transfer Mattresses, Full and Short Lengths - NEW!
Air assist technology for lateral transfers. Nylon and Lectrolite materials available.