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EZ Mobile Bath Lift System

The EZ Mobile Bath Lift System is designed to easily convert into different configurations to accommodate a wide variety of needs for patients and residents in both the acute and long term care environments. It provides a complete solution for residents needing aid getting in and out of bathtubs. Easy access and comfortable padded seating surfaces ensure a pleasant bathing experience.

By being easily converted between a chair bath lift and a stretcher configuration, a greater resident or patient population can be addressed.

Converting between the chair configuration and the optional stretcher is a simple process that can be carried out by one individual and requires no tools. Removable side parts (wings) provide a simple configuration from chair to stretcher. Within minutes the EZ Bath Lift System can be changed to best accommodate any individual.

With the EZ Mobile Bath Lift System, a resident can be moved from bed to bath safely and comfortably without any manual lifting by the attendant. The resident can also be toileted without leaving the security of the chair.

The EZ Mobile Bath Lift System has no dedicated head or foot, so switching back and forth to accommodate individuals in different positions is a simple process.

Cleaning is easily performed as the pads are simple to remove.

The EZ Mobile Bath Lift System works great with the EZ 1700, EZ 900 and EZ Comfortline II.

The EZ Mobile Bath Lift System has a working load limit of 330 lbs.

Design Features:

  • Stainless Steel Components

All equipment incorporates stainless steel components to ensure a long functional and productive life. Seating and stretcher surfaces are made of a soft, durable material that is non absorbent, which makes it easy to clean, maintain and very comfortable for residents.

  • Ergonomically-Designed Hand Grips and Safety Belts

Ergonomically-designed hand grips and safety belts are incorporated into the EZ Mobile Bath Lift System to provide the security and assurance for both the attendant and the resident being bathed.

  • Foot-Operated Control

The foot-operated control allows for hands-free operation. An audible tone reminds you when it’s time to recharge the batteries.

  • Effortless Lifting

A smooth and quiet belt drive provides for safe and secure raising and lowering of the bather and large hospital grade casters make moving the lift effortless.

  • Safety Arm Support is Moveable

The safety arm support in both the chair and stretcher configurations can be folded away for easy access and moved back once the bather is in position.

  • Leg Configuration Designed for Easy Entrance

The leg configuration is designed for easy individual approach onto the chair and stretcher.

  • Low Chassis

The low chassis is designed for easy access under beds and baths.

  • Magnetic Battery Charger Connection

The system includes a magnetic battery charger connection that is designed to prevent damage should the connection accidentally not be unplugged as well as making charging a simpler task.

Safey Features:

  • Automatic Safety Stop

A safety stop engages automatically if the chair or stretcher is lowered onto any surfaces or obstacles.

  • Emergency Stop

A foot-activated emergency stop is incorporated into the design.

  • Integral Autostop

An integral autostop ensures that the seat and stretcher cannot drop, should the belt fail.

Optional Accessories:

  • EZ 9660 Mattress for Bath Lift System

  • EZ 1650 Scale for Bath Lift System

Product No.

EZ 0542000 Bath Lift System w/ narrow legs for chair only
EZ 0542020 Bath Lift System for chair
EZ 0542030 Stretcher Wings for Bath Lift System

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