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"As a provider of workers compensation coverage to the health care industry, and having dealt with a number of equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors, I have found EZ Way to be the best in the industry. The equipment is top notch, however the difference is the support provided at all l...

Mike DeLaney, Assist. Vice President |Loss Control
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EZ Out - Vehicle Extraction Lift

The Only Product of its Kind! The EZ Out is specifically designed to extract a patient from a vehicle!  The EZ Out is perfect for emergency departments, transferring patients from vehicle to wheelchair or gurney, or any time you need to quickly and easily lift someone into or out of a vehicle.

Features Include:

  • Most versatile vehicle lift on the market. Able to extract front seat AND back seat patients.

  • Wide, stable base that will accommodate various wheel well configurations.

  • Telescoping mast designed to work with tall trucks or short cars.

  • Extendable boom is able to reach into the back of vehicles for easy lifting.

  • Moveable, locking mast allows for flexibility needed to work with a variety of vehicle door styles. An effortless squeeze of the handle on the locking pin mechanism allows the mast and boom to quickly slide from side-to-side to fit almost any vehicle. Mast has 9 locking positions and can travel up to 24”. Mast telescopes from 45.5” to 69.25”. Boom reaches 36” into vehicle.

  • Single hand control for easy operation of the telescoping mast and patient transferring cable.

  • Durable, easy to use sling designed for safe, efficient transfers.

  • 500 lb. weight capacity.


500250 - EZ Out Cover (can be used when stored outside) (Optional)

Product No.

OUT500 - Vehicle Extrication Lift, 500 lb. capacity

500161 - EZ Out Large Sling

500202 - EZ Out XL Sling

Call 1-800-627-8940 to schedule a free demonstration.

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