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Transfer Mattresses, Full and Short Lengths - NEW!

The Reusable Transfer Mattress System is an air-powered lateral transfer system commonly used for transfers from bed to gurney, gurney to radiology, oncology, or any other transfer to a lateral surface.


The Full Length has a length of 78" while the Short Length has a length of 47". Widths are available from 18" to 50", depending on material and product length. The Transfer Mattress has a working load of up to 1,200 lbs.


The Transfer Mattress is constructed of a water-proof, vapor-permeable urethane inner coating, and a static check coating to prevent the buildup of static electricity. All seams on the Transfer Mattress are double stitched (not heat sealed), attachment points are reinforced, and it is MRI and X-ray compatible.


The Short Length Transfer Mattress offers the same great benefits as the Full Length Transfer Mattress only shorter! The Short Length Transfer Mattress is ideal for drop-table procedures and OB/GYN and cystoscopy. It is also great for Portable Head CTS positioning. It is made of the same material as the Full Length Transfer Mattress.


The patient surface is made of anti-microbial fabrics:

• Nylon Transfer Mattress Patient Surface Option

Made of Sure Chek Fusion III®. It has four-way stretch and can be laundered.

• Lectrolite® Transfer Mattress Patient Surface Option

Made of the same high-fluid, conductive material used to cover operating room tables and stretcher pads. Application uses are in areas where excess fluids could be encountered such as ER, Trauma, OR, Cardiac, Cath, Lab, and Obstetrics.

Disposable and washable Sani-Liners are available for the Transfer Mattress for enhanced infection control.

A Single-Patient Mattress is also available.



  • Perform Lateral Transfers with Ease


  • One Transfer Mattress for All Transfers and Procedures
    With no metal parts, the
    Transfer Mattress can remain under the patient throughout every procedure and transfer, including MRIs and X-rays.

  • Up to 1,200 lb. Working Load

  • Helps Reduce Back and Stress Injuries

  • Secures Patient Safety
    Transfer Mattress has two safety straps on the upper side for added patient security.


  • No Friction
    The Transfer Mattress is designed with hundreds of tiny perforations on the underside for air to be pumped through, "floating" the patient on a thin layer of air. This eliminates friction between the mattress and surface.


  • Stabilization Bands
    On the underside of the Transfer Mattress, there are stabilization bands that help center and cradle the patient.


  • Extra Long Transfer Handles
    The Transfer Mattress has extra long transfer handles that promote an upright posture for caregivers of all heights during transfers.


  • System Compatibility
    The air supply and mattress can be used with other systems on the market.


The Air Supply (AS100) includes 8' hose, bag, clip, cord, and transfer bridge. It operates at 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1200W. The power cord is medical grade SJT 3-18 Type, and it weighs 19.5 lbs.


Product No.

Nylon, Full Length:

018N Airpal Mattress 18"/46 cm
024N Airpal Mattress 24"/61 cm
026N Airpal Mattress 26"/66 cm
028N Airpal Mattress 28"/71 cm
030N Airpal Mattress 30"/76 cm
032N Airpal Mattress 32"/81 cm
034N Airpal Mattress 34"/86 cm
039N Airpal Mattress 39"/99 cm
050N Airpal Mattress 50"/127 cm

Lectrolite, Full Length:

024L Airpal Mattress 24"/61 cm
026L Airpal Mattress 26"/66 cm
028L Airpal Mattress 28"/71 cm
030L Airpal Mattress 30"/76 cm
032L Airpal Mattress 32"/81 cm
034L Airpal Mattress 34"/86 cm
039L Airpal Mattress 39"/99 cm
050L Airpal Mattress 50"/127 cm


Nylon, Short Length:

028NSH Airpal Mattress 28"/71 cm
030NSH Airpal Mattress 30"/76 cm
032NSH Airpal Mattress 32"/81 cm
034NSH Airpal Mattress 34"/86 cm
039NSH Airpal Mattress 39"/99 cm
050NSH Airpal Mattress 50"/127 cm


Lectrolite, Short Length:

028LSH Airpal Mattress 28"/71 cm
030LSH Airpal Mattress 30"/76 cm
032LSH Airpal Mattress 32"/81 cm
034LSH Airpal Mattress 34"/86 cm
039LSH Airpal Mattress 39"/99 cm
050LSH Airpal Mattress 50"/127 cm


AS100 Air Supply (includes 8' hose, bag, clip, cord, transfer bridge)

25NMAH Air Hose, Non-Magnetic, 25 ft.

TB100 Transfer Bridge
PC100 Power Cord
HS100 Air Hose (Standard 8', white)
BS100 Storage Bag for System
DL100 Large Single-Patient Protective Sheet
DB100 Bariatric Single-Patient Protective Sheet

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