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"As a provider of workers compensation coverage to the health care industry, and having dealt with a number of equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors, I have found EZ Way to be the best in the industry. The equipment is top notch, however the difference is the support provided at all l...

Mike DeLaney, Assist. Vice President |Loss Control
West Bend Insurance Company


Harness/Sling Storage Bag

The storage bag (standard with the EZ Way Smart Lift® and EZ Way Smart Stand®) is a unique accessory offered only by EZ Way.  The bag provides accessibility and helps prevent the loss of slings and harnesses.  The regular size comes with the 500/600 lb. Smart Lifts® and the 400/500 lb. Smart Stands® while a larger size comes with the 1,000 lb. Smart Lift® and the 800 lb. Smart Stand®.


Product No.

50700 (500/600 lb. lift & 400/500 lb. stand)

50701 (1,000 lb. lift & 800 lb. stand)

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